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Hi Again...
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

John Kim, who lives here in the LA area, outlined ways to do this about a year ago. One of his many suggested options was to have people work on tiny sections that would make up the whole. It seems like a great idea.We might start right here in Los Angeles with some of the members of one of the local Linux Users Groups. There is also a small LUG in Montana that might enjoy participating.  We also have several very talented young coders here in SoCal that participate in SCaLE every year who might be interested in doing tiny parts.
But, someone would have to do the work of defining what the tiny sections would be and how they would fit together as they were completed... to organize it.   If you break things up into small enough pieces the work will be easier for everyone working on it and it should be easier to get more people to participate if the commitment is relatively small.
Here's a link to John's document about it: http://bit.ly/16eOrps
I'm looking forward to seeing Martin at the Summit. He is scheduled to do a session with the Butia at the same time others are doing one on porting Sugar to the XO Tablet... which for obvious reasons I have to take my granddaughter's XO Tablet to and try to get it working with Sugar. So, I guess I will miss it. But we can talk at other times at the Summit. Too bad you can't come too...
P.S. Back to the initial question. What would I need to learn to help with a project such as this? I have some experience with Python in the context of a Physics class and am signed up for an online MOOC from MIT that will feature Python. But... would that be of any use? Would I be better doing some more Code Academy lessons to review HTML and learn HTML5? Would Code Academy's Java class be of any use? I would like a "fast track" that would let me get involved right away if we can make this happen.

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On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 2:28 AM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Gonzalo!
This is a wonderful resource! It will take me some time to read, study, and absorb it all, but it looks like it answers most of the questions I have. I have been wondering about the possibility of "crowd sourcing" the process of getting Sugar running on all sorts of devices. There are probably a lot of developers here in Southern California (and elsewhere) who would love to get involved. The real "missing link" is someone to coordinate the project... like you maybe???).

Certainly, any help we can get, is welcomed. Right now, we are in a difficult position,we don't want give up with Sugar, because we think have many good features
for learning, not found in Android yet. From the other side, Android is available in many other devices,and have thousand of resources. Now, if you found android developers who want work for free
in a Android Open Source clone of Sugar, I am sure will be of interest of Sugarlabs.And the way to work should be integrated to the SugarLabs community, where I can help them to be introduced.If you show Sugar, and get people interested in be involved, of course you can point them to me to help
them to start.In SF will be Martin Abente, a great guy from Paraguay (you meet him in the first eduJam)he can tell you more about the SugarLabs plans. 

I would love to be able to go to various open source events and recruit people to get involved. We would just need to get it organized. I already know of several folks who would probably be interested in helping.

Because of the prevalence of Android devices (if you include phones) it seems to be a logical target. An added bonus would be that we could get Sugar on the XOTablet that way! Unfortunately, the Kindle FireHD, while an Android device, uses its own "app store" and you have to become "root" (not difficult, but it voids the warranty) if you want to add in any of the GooglePlay apps. The iPad is another very long story. It is probably a hopeless case.

Thanks again,Caryl
P.S. Have you seen the cute FotoToon Sameer Verma's daughter, Mira made? She plans to make at least one sequel.I'll attach a copy. She made all of the "sets" from Legos. 

Yes. I love that :) 

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Please read something about what SugarLabs community is doing.(We really have a big disconnection between support-gang/iaep and sugarlabs development) 

There are step by step howto, 


You will need a development environment,
there are information here about how to do it:

Right now, "what is the minimal stuff I need to do activities"is not so easy to reply. You will need learn a lot,in fact, is easier create python activities than web activities,

but the second can be used in android too.

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Thanks Nick and James! I hope to still hear from others, but John Kim is local here in SoCal so I can get together with him. I was hoping he would be coming to the SF Summit, but I haven't heard from him on that yet.

I'll explore these and all other ideas... but with the help of John so I won't be "re-inventing the wheel."

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Hi Caryl,
True, what you say about fundamental concepts, but the devil's in the details as they say, so the approach you take to porting will be a huge factor in the amount of work required and the quality of the resulting app. Looks like John Kim from Sugar Labs has written a really good overview of the possible methods of porting Sugar to Android which I think you'll enjoy.

My impression from his research is that the most doable and best gradual approach (not porting the whole Sugar stack at once) is to learn an Android Python framework like Kivy. There would be no other language required, only rewriting of interface code. Much easier than learning to make Android apps from scratch in Java, and still easier than PhoneGap, which would still be a complete rewrite.

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 10:35 AM, Caryl Bigenho <caryl at laptop.org> wrote:

Hi Folks...
I am wondering what I would need to learn to be able to program apps for Android? Specifically, to help port Sugar Apps there. I have an excellent programming background in several "old" languages (Fortran, BASIC, and Pascal) and have played around a bit with Python (used it for a Physics MOOC I took this summer) and HTML (know some of the basic syntax and vocabulary). 

It seems that the fundamental concepts of programming transcend language and if one can learn the new vocabulary and syntax rules you should be good to go. Is this a correct assumption? If so, what is the minimum I would need to learn to get started? Can you suggest some resources for this?


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