[IAEP] "Fun-Sized Sugar"… Why Not?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 10 00:42:20 EST 2013

Hi Folks…

First I would like to state that I fully support the maintenance and expansion of Sugar for the XO family and believe that should be one of the main goals of Sugar Labs as we move into the future.

That said, I want to speak out in favor of developing a different version of Sugar that could be distributed worldwide, either (1) to the many Android tablets and phones that are or will be in the hands of children and teachers, in the form of an app available free at the PlayStore or, (2) on its own new website where students could create projects., much like that of Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tip_bar=getStarted). My reasons for advocating this approach are several, including such things as:

	The large number of devices already in use that could  utilize Sugar in this way

	The large number of new users that could be continuously added (unlike for the XO)

	There are probably any more people are able to create and work in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript than can program Sugar Activities in Python.

Of course, this would necessitate starting most of these from scratch, but the project could be started with a small set of key Activities that would allow users to have the Sugar experience and begin using it for Project Based Learning. 

I have put together a small mind-map (attached) showing what this might include for starters. There would be a set of resource Activities (such as the 4 shown on the map) and a set of "creating" Activities (like the 4 on the map) that would use some or all of the resource Activities to create curriculum based projects. As time goes on, more Activities could be added to updates. 

Recruiting for this project could reach out to new volunteers at places like SCaLE and Linux Users Groups.  I would love to help work with a small team to recruit and organize this effort. I am just a beginner at HTML, but understand a lot about Sugar and how to use it for learning.  

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