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Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 10:53:04 EST 2013

On 6 November 2013 16:45, Gonzalo Odiard <gonzalo at laptop.org> wrote:

> >>
> >> In the short term, we don't need backport Webkit2 to F18.
> >
> > Please elaborate :)
> >
> > I think developing web activities on two very different platforms
> (WebKit1
> > and WebKit2) is a bad idea, it will involve more work (and pain) then
> doing
> > some backporting.
> Well, with a little patch in our F18 rpm, I have all the web
> activities working ok in webkit1. A important missing feature is the
> web inspector, but they work ok.

We never solved the document domain issue right (if I remember correctly
you failed to get a in-activity web server running)?

Current web activities are super simple but as they become more complex I
think we will run into issues, domain being just one example. I'd rather
not have to figure out WebKit1 *and* WebKit2 solutions every time that

> I was looking at compile the webkit rpm from F19 in F18, but had many
> dependencies. I didn't explore other alternatives.

Yeah, we might need to rebuild a few other deps. As soon as I have a bit of
time I plan to look into doing these rebuilds in an automated way using
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