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Hi Folks,
Bert is probably correct and has been to SCaLE so he knows what he is talking about. The folks there are really rabid open source advocates, so much so that you can't even do a presentation in Powerpoint or Keynote. It has to be in Open Office or a pdf file. 
However, according to the Android web site, it is an open source platform http://source.android.com/index.html and, as such should be of interest to folks at SCaLE. And, no matter what, I expect there will be questions about the new XO-3 tablets. So...
What I will probably need to know are things like: * How will the profits from the use of the OLPC and XO names be used?* Are there any plans to port Sugar Apps to Android?* Will the new tablets also work on hand cranks and solar panels?* Etc.
I'm sure you all can use your imagination to come up with more.  Well... we have 6 weeks to find answers. I think the second question is probably the most important. SCaLE will have hundreds of developers who love to "develop." This is a perfect place to recruit more hands and minds to an effort to do just that. It would be great if some of the folks on SLOBS would chime in if they think this (maybe call it SOAS for Android) is a viable idea that should be pursued. 
Having an XO-3 tablet in our booth would probably be a very bad idea. In fact, other than answering questions and recruiting volunteer developers, we probably shouldn't mention the tablet at all. Our booth will be provided free of any charge to us for the 5th straight year. They have always given us a great spot and provided free registrations for all of the volunteers who come to run the booth. We should want to keep it that way. We don't sell anything! We only inform and recruit.
However, having a working touch screen XO-4 there would really be a plus! We always set up a "hands on" area that has been very popular, with adults as much as children. Bert has offered his office-mate's early model if we can't come up with another.  But, having the (as Adam always says) "the latest and greatest" model would be so much better. 
I can bring the solar panel I bought at the SF Summit. so if it is sunny we could even take it outside to demonstrate. I also can bring an hand crank for folks to try. So, if any of you have one that you can lend for SCaLE Feb 22-24 or, better still, bring to SCaLE it would be perfect! We will put you on the volunteer list and your registration will be covered. It is a fun event.
If you have answers to the three listed above... send them on. If you have other questions you think folks will be asking, send those too... whether you have an answer or not. Someone else may have the answer!

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> On 10.01.2013, at 23:26, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > I know I will be flooded with questions at SCaLE 11X in just 6 weeks. I would rush right out to Wally-mart tomorrow and get one if I could so I would be prepared!
> Well, Android isn't even mentioned on the SCaLE page: https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/cfp It is a Linux Expo, after all, but "XO Learning" appears to not be Open Source licensed, and they have not reached out to our community yet.
> The only official information from OLPC so far seems to be the two press releases (http://blog.laptop.org/). In there it states "XO Learning will be offered through licensing agreements to tablet manufacturers, governments, book publishers, and international distributors".
> I wish them luck with that (it certainly sounds better than just giving kids a generic Android tablet), I'm just saying that SCaLE might not be the right place to promote it.
> - Bert -
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