[IAEP] XO-4 Questions After Viewing CES video

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Thu Jan 10 23:46:25 EST 2013

On Jan 10, 2013, at 10:54 PM, Caryl Bigenho wrote:

> I finally found the video done by Giulia D'Amico today about the XO-4 at CES. Watch it and see if you also have questions. Below you will find some of mine. Add yours below and pass it on.
> http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/06/marvel-olpc-4-0-ces-hands-on/
> Can anyone verify any of these ?

Please don't confuse the XO Learning Tablet with anything else OLPC is or has been
doing.   No one within the OLPC engineering or learning teams had any part
in the development of the XO Learning Tablet hardware or software.

They completely downplayed the XO-4 Touch Laptop in that presentation.

> It sounded like she said some content from Sesame Street and others would be included in Sugar on the XO-4. Is this correct?

No, I don't believe so.   She was talking about content on the XO Learning Tablet (under Android).

> She mentions the Journal as a means of "Parental Control." Does this mean the XO-4 may be marketed to individuals?

Again, she was talking about the XO Learning Tablet, which will be marketed to individuals
(exclusively through Wallmart.)   Unfortunately, there is still no plan to market XO-4 Touch to

> She said the child cannot remove things from the Journal. Does this mean it will be locked? Can a teacher or parent remove things?

No idea.   We were all surprised at the notion of the Journal as parental control.

> I notice that Tam Tam is still included. Has anyone managed to make the touch-screen standard type musical keyboard available as I have been suggesting?  If so... I want to "test drive" it!  If not, I hope it is in development and want to be a "beta tester"

Me too!   More recent versions of the XO-4 touchscreen firmware should allow
a many-finger keyboard.   I hope someone with an XO-4 is working on a demo!

I'm surprised to hear that there is an Android version of Tam Tam.
My guess is that it is a similar Android app.


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