[IAEP] [support-gang] Questions about the new XO Tablet and Software

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Hi Folks... 
I have been watching this conversation progress since I began it last night. I love the direction it seems to be going!  The idea of making Sugar Activities available to millions more users via an Android, platform, that so many people already have, sounds like a dream come true! 
In addition to the hard work developers would have to do to port it to Android, there should be an equally hard (but also equally important... IMHO) effort to develop really clear, fun, guides (developed by educators) for using the Activities for fun learning projects.
I know how hard this is, as I have tried to do this with my always "almost" finished "Fun With Tam Tam" floss manual (soon... I promise), and a couple of pieces I did for the Venture Lab course that Luis Galindo, Sebastien Silva, Laura Vargas,Tony Anderson, and I (along with our 2 special cheer leaders, Yama and Christoph) and a few great new folks from the world outside OLPC, just finished in December.
Our focus was on bringing a wifi/connected-like experience to schools without connectivity. But we included a section on our website on how to  use some of the Sugar Activities in learning situations. We plan to expand this.  Similarly, any thing we do could be adapted/adopted for a guide to using Android versions of the Sugar Activities.
Just 6 weeks from this coming Friday I will be at SCaLE 11X (Feb 22-24) at the LA Airport Hilton with at least a few of you who said you would be coming.  SCaLE has, again, generously provided us with booth space, free of charge, and full-conference registration fees waived for a limited number of volunteers who help with the booth. It would be great if there could be more than a just a few of you there! We do have some people from olpc-socal who reliably help.
It would also be wonderful if there were something already afoot by then in the area of porting Sugar Activities to the new XO tablet. The conference is a wonderful place to link up with open source developers and aficionados. 
I am also hoping to be able to borrow one or 2 XO-4 touch machines for "show and tell." Last year, Bert Freudenberg lent us his touch screen XO-1.75 which emulated the XO-4, but was still in the very early stages of software development. 
I hope this discussion keeps going in the direction it has!
Meanwhile, if any of you decide you can come to SCaLE 11X, let me know! I'll save you a spot on the booth volunteer list.

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Lionel Laske wrote what was supposed to be the second chapter, where he talks about HTML 5 and making JavaScript interface with Python. That chapter is finished and published:


This is excellent work.
I might suggest one further thing, which is to turn some of his Sugar integration 'inside out' and create a JavaScript API which can be called from webapps to do sugar-specific tasks (journal integration, etc).  Then the python wrapper can be fixed, and people can write "pure javascript" web apps which run in browsers, on android phones, or on sugar... taking advantage of sugar capabilities where available.

(Step 2 might then to implement that JavaScript API on Android, so that apps can have sugar toolbars, a journal, etc, even when running on phones and tablets.) --scott 
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