[IAEP] Questions about the new XO Tablet and Software

Caryl Bigenho caryl at laptop.org
Wed Jan 9 01:36:48 EST 2013

Hi Folks,

News from the CES has me (and maybe some of you) surprised and puzzled: 


So… there is going to be an Android 7" or 8" (conflicting reports) tablet from OLPC, made by someone else and sold at Walmart (reminds me of the old Commodore Vic20 sold at K-Mart in the early 80s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUKUHjBhb2Q).

Reports say it will have entirely different software, but are still saying the software is from OLPC. 

So some of my questions are (among many):

Where can we see/sample the new software?
Where was it developed?
Does it have any features in common with Sugar?
Will the new software run on other Android devices?
Can the new software be as easily changed and adapted as Sugar can?
Am I correct in assuming it is open source?

It is obvious that many schools in the US and elsewhere will want to use these with their students. Will they support collaboration and project based learning like the XOs have?What apps for creating music will it have?How about art?Video editing?Playing TED talks?Playing Khan Academy videos?Using Khan Academy auxilliary materials?
Will the apps coordinate as the Sugar Activities do?Is there a list of the apps with descriptions available anywhere?

And what about Sugar… what is it's future?
Any chance Sugar could be adapted to use on the new tablets?

Wow… that is just a start! I'm sure many of you will have similar questions, and it is also very likely that some of you know some of the answers. If they aren't still considered "top secret," can you share them with us? 

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