[IAEP] iPads in Schools

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 17 14:14:27 EDT 2013

Hi Folks,
A few days ago people on these lists were discussing different devices for use in the classroom. Here are the results of a recent survey of over 3000 teachers about what they are using and expect to use. Alas! the iPads are currently in 2nd place and technology investments planned for next year indicate they will soon be first.
I attribute this to the aggressive marketing techniques Apple has for schools. A lot of teachers are very loyal due to all sorts of training and certification that Apple does with them. 
The survey is only of 3000+ teachers. They represent only a small, tech-savvy, part of the teaching community. They are the ones that show up to conferences and tech-fairs where they share ideas for how to use devices with their students. The presentations are top-heavy in the number of ones done with ideas for the iPad (although I have seen some nice ones for cell phones).
I'm not sure what our "take away" should be from this, but some of you may have some interesting comments to share.  Please do!
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