[IAEP] XO robotics

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Thu Sep 27 09:17:02 EDT 2012


I am wondering how this TI MSP430 running on XO 1 - Robotics! relates to 
the Butia project in Uruguay. Is this a better solution?

What appeals to me the most about Butia is that it enable the child to 
its own XO driving the vehicle. Can this be done with the MSP430?

In Uruguay there was a demonstration of the Lego robot - pathetic! It 
was tied to an umbilical cord. It was pre-built so the children had no 
idea of how it worked or what was going on inside. And, of course, it is 
frightfully expensive.

The Butia project has developed a control board which is designed to be 
reproduced by any one. I am hoping that someone in SF will undertake to 
build the Butia kit. Could the MSP430 provide a cheaper and easier to 
build control board for Butia?



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