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Mon Sep 24 08:48:55 EDT 2012

worse, Paolo.
To call it as it *is* is really not welcome in the world of pink glasses.

evidence of Sugar success:

    *using Sugar* people (of all ages) are, massively, part of a new
    culture of learning and communication

    fact: some anecdotes here and there, very sweet each one, but not
    even an iceberg's tip to the massive investment made. VERY scant
    objective data - all of it demonstrating it's not happening, except
    in a handful of cases.

Interestingly, besides a few silly ones here and there (I count myself 
as one, at least partially regarding the MSP430 microprocessors), those 
who *DO* stuff around Sugar/XO do it using some other platform, be it a 
PC, Mac, or by now a handheld. The XO is seen at best as strictly 
school-stuff, if not a toy to be dismissed. Sad. To see the good side, 
*at least* something is still getting done...

A funny-peculiar-tragic thing is that many nice folks believe themselves 
to be defenders of Science and Truth, but refuse to accept facts and 
evidence, or, in the case of this experiment, the substantial *lack* of 
data, and seem quite happy and satisfied with hearsay, opinion, 
well-wishes, ideology, a-priorisms, and social-science numbers, to 
pretend there is some success *they* can see but cannot demonstrate 
factually - and are silent or pretend surprise when *facts* are requested.

This is important because real success (a few small attempts here and 
there) is not being recognized and valued as such, since administrators 
seem happy to have fake success and call it mission accomplished.

Thus real success is not replicated or encouraged, and the whole 
XO/Sugar thing just keeps growing as more of the same: Formal Education 
in one-size-fits-all warehouses.
Proven inefficient and destructive of human potential in many ways, now 
in Digital format, so we call it progress.

On 11/23/2012 06:54 PM, nanonano at mediagala.com wrote:
> />On 23/09/2012 04:16 p.m., Agustin Zubiaga Sanchez wrote:
> > ...when I was in primary school, no teacher was concerned with 
> explaining how to use my XO
> >... And when I started the high school was the same, no teacher was 
> interested in the XO, except Mr. Flavio Danesse /
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I've been saying the same things for years, but people take me as a 
> pessimist or worse.
> Paolo Benini
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