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Hello Agustin from the US :)

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Hi, everybody.
Like Daniel, I'm from Uruguay and I feel identified with the Walter message.
I'm fourteen years old, and I started using sugar when I was ten, when I receive my XO was the first time that I used linux and it liked me a lot.

About the young programmers:
I was a student of Flavio Danesse, and he taught me a lot
We need to 'clone' this person, we need more who can do what he is doing!

 but for obvious reasons I had to appeal the internet to found more information, where the most are in english, for me it wasn't a problem, because I have learned english.
Yes, access to the internet, a laptop and free time are VERY important in the global world and provides access to the largest library, but sadly 90% of the text is in English. But now there is more in other languages, and even better, almost anyone of any age can write a web page to add Spanish (or other langauge) text.

But the most of the children in Latin America hasn't this luck, and they find it difficult to program.

About sugar and the teachers:
Unfortunately, when I was in primary school, no teacher was concerned with explaining how to use my XO, and the "logical sugar activities", such as Turtle Art and Scratch, but luckily their interfaces are very intuitive.
That was the goal of Sugar Labs, to make it easy to use, its great that you agree and they need more kids to help them make it better.

And when I started the high school was the same, no teacher was interested in the XO, except Mr. Flavio Danesse :)
That is sad, more teaacher need to see what he is doing in High Schools.

For this reason the most of my classmates, only use their XO to browse in Facebook and other social networks.

That is useful, but its not as educational as learning about python or reading about world news or science or animals or something more about your interests or your future. Unless you are using facebook to talk about science and news and books.

Thanks you for your great effort to explain how the XO is helping and how you use it.-KevinRegards,
Agustin Zubiaga

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