[IAEP] what will you learn/do at Stanford?

David Brown djhbrown at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 02:33:10 EDT 2012

> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Educational_activity_ideashttp://wiki.laptop.org/go/Software_ideas
> Is there more resources we should keep an eye on?
> educational activity ideas need not be platform-dependent; i can't see any
substantive difference between activities available via Sugar and those
available via Edubuntu.

but, in each case, how is a child to know where to look?  how can they know
what something is about before they start it up?  how can they see the
range of things available without having to examine each one by itself?
cute names of 500 different apps don't help.  the search problem is as real
for a child as it is for an adult.  that's why it was found that Sugar
users click on hundreds of activity buttons every week - but they don't
engage in hundreds of activities...  they are just poking around in the

sure, a human teacher could tell/guide them... so could this, if anyone
cares to implement it:

david brown, PhD (a long time ago in a far-away place)
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