[IAEP] ICT4D: planning

Christophe Guéret c.d.m.gueret at vu.nl
Thu Sep 6 03:40:59 EDT 2012

Hi Christoph,

May I ask what the background of these students is expected to be?
This should be students familiar with Computer Science. It's a module that
is open for different Masters diploma.

> Also (and somewhat related): What kind of class projects do you envision
> the students to tackle? It would of course be excellent if their work could
> fairly directly contribute to what's hapening in the OLPC/Sugar projects
> around the world (plus it could also be an additional motivating factor for
> the students).
This could very well be the development of an activity, or the translation
of another one, or the enhancement  of some other piece of software -
including Sugar. There could also be some more abstract projects about
deployment plans or so. We will see what ideas the students have but indeed
it would be interesting to aim at a close relation between what they
investigate and what's actually needed.
I know there are these pages with some ideas on it, which I guess I derived
from some needs:
Is there more resources we should keep an eye on?

>  Last but not least: I hadn't realized that there is an ongoing OLPC
> project in Suriname. I only remember some blog posts and e-mails from the
> early days (maybe 2007~2008?) about some Dutch folks considering such an
> effort. Is there further information about the project online somewhere?
We are not in touch with them but we have some established contacts with
Surinam. We wanted to plan a deployment somewhere and we picked that
country because of the contacts we have. But things are still in an early
planning stage, the actual deployment will be hopefully taken care of by
the students that will attend the course.

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