[IAEP] IAEP Digest, Vol 55, Issue 11

Brooks, Kevin Kevin.Brooks at ndsu.edu
Fri Oct 5 15:39:35 EDT 2012

We (Sugar Labs @ NDSU) are interested in using Turtle Art to program something external to the computer, or have something external to the computer (beside the keyboard) provide input,  but we haven't settled on what that something would be.  We are also using Sugar on a Stick with laptops at one location, desktops at a second location.  My question would be:

1. what do people recommend for newbies like us?
2. will we likely have to use XOs (we have 10) rather than SoaS? 

I've always like Walter's demonstration from the Brussell's Ted X: clapping makes the Turtle's line get wider, move faster.  Would that be a good place to start?


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