[IAEP] Partying for OLPovertyCrush (San Francisco, Oct 17-24)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Oct 5 15:32:13 EDT 2012

Impoverished Learning among this planet's 2 billion kids has gone on too 
long.  200 million of which get 1 year or less of school, according to 
OLPC VP Matt Keller (who will be joining us and presenting!)

Having lived much of the last year in Haiti, I know we all have 
excruciating OLPC/Sugar stories to tell, some astonishing & historic 
appearing in books soon -- others unprintable even on 
http://planet.laptop.org making us laugh/scream/cry in utter despair.

Yet Others Will Crack Open The Future.  Hacking open our San Francisco 
summit's central weekend schedule in new ways, EG. via Google Hangouts 
with OLPC's founding engineers CScott Ananian & Richard Smith and the 
founder of http://activitycentral.com all for the very 1st time:
http://olpcSF.org/summit (draft)

We've 5 evening/extracurricular events lining up over the course of the 
week (Oct 17-24) precisely so all can let loose moving our transgressive 
ideas & art forward right here:

Special Thanks to the ~50 people making the supreme effort joining from 
so far away (Rwanda, Ethiopia, India, Nicaragua, Uruguay, several from 
Europe, 5-6 from Canada alone, etc) for SF's Community Summit & 
Sugarcamp++ hacksprint workshops both:

Please all help juice up the above lists...and open education in 
general...and Register Now !!

Registered attendees mutually organize last-minute 
dinners/homestays/segway-biking adventures/etc here:
olpc-social at googlegroups.com

In Short:

Not too late to invite other Sugar Labs hackers, teachers, implementers, 
artists sweating their asses off for our Little Movement That Could.  To 
what will be _an incredible week in SF_ connecting 5+ intimately related 
events and communities: Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 
(http://gsoc-wiki.osuosl.org/index.php/2012 Oct 20-21), Books in 
Browsers (http://bib.archive.org Oct 24-26), AfricaHackTrip 
(http://twitter.com/AfricaHackTrip Oct 17 & 24) and our very own 
evolving legacy -- /whether or not you personally win a 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO_4_B1 ;)/

Help kids everywhere map their world, at http://olpcMAP.net

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