[IAEP] Renaming the Telescope activity to Scope

Anish Mangal anish at sugarlabs.org
Mon Nov 19 22:43:46 EST 2012


I have received requests that the Telescope activity [1] be renamed to
Scope, since, off late it has been used in conjunction with not just a
monocular, but small microscope attachments (the kind which were
distributed at the SF summit). In that light, the name Telescope is no
longer widely applicable to the set of applications it is used for.

I could see Telescope and Microscope as two different activities in
the future with different features. For eg, in the Telescope activity
you could have:

1. Dark Frame Subtraction
2. High-Gain Noise Suppression
3. Enabling the camera's night-mode.
4. Crosshairs on the screen

Right now, none of this exists, and I don't have the bandwidth to
develop those features. So, until that happens, I support renaming the
activity to Scope.


[1] http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4481

Anish | anish at sugarlabs.org

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