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we run a SoaS after school program at two K-6 schools in Fargo.  We have a computer science undergraduate making the sticks, and I'll warn you--our failure rate on sticks is often about 20%.  We haven't been able to identify all the problems: sometimes them simply won't boot, other times they will boot and work for a session or two and then fail.  Sometimes the kids just yank them out--we are pretty sure that isn't a good idea.  ; )

We have a 14 week curriculum posted on our website, but we have modified it for this year. We haven't posted the new stuff.  We just meet once a week for about 45 minutes a session.  After a single day overview of Sugar we have focused on Turtle ARt for 5 weeks (going on 6).  We are very happy with this curriculum.  Last year we split our spring curriculum between Physics (which the kids love) and Etoys (which they don't).  You'd think we would stick with Physics this year, but we might give Etoys another run.  : )

Oh, I noticed you are aiming for 5-7 year olds; we work with the upper range: 10-12.  We can still talk technical stuff and I could guess at some pedagogical issues with 5-7 years.  I've had my own kids use Sugar.

Feel free to call or Skype, John, if you want more details.

Skype: kabbie13

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Hi there,

Not sure if this email list is the proper place to post, but I wanted
to introduce myself to the community.

I work in Philadelphia, teaching technology and media literacy at a
K-6 (ages about 4-12) charter school.

I'm interested in using Sugar on a Stick with my 5-7 year old
students.  I need a bit of guidance as I explore this new territory,
both on the technical and the pedagogical side of things.

So, first question: have I got the right community or should I be
posting elsewhere?

-John Landis

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