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(+1 Idea)
== English (Spanish bellow) ==*

Hello all!

Thank you Walter for promoting the dialog among the community.

Back on January, I thought the structure and economic model of a
cooperative, would make sense for the local lab in Perú to be able to
articulate the contributions of local contributors and volunteers of Sugar
and Sugar's Deployment.

Unfortunately, the idea didn't evolve any further as after consulting with
local advisors, it seemed like Perú is not ready yet (in terms of
legislation) for the cooperative model.

I believe it is worth to *include the cooperative model in the
options*that are being drafted by the community regarding the
incorporation of a
new (international) org.

 "Co-operatives are a reminder to the international community that it is
possible to pursue both economic viability and social responsibility."
 - Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

 Warm regards,

laura v.
I&D somosAZUCAR.Org

*== Español (Inglés arriba) ==
Hola a todos!

Gracias Walter por promover el diálogo en la comunidad.

En Enero pensaba que la estructura y el modelo económico de una
cooperativa, permitiría al laboratorio local en Perú articular las
contribuciones de los contribuyentes y voluntarios locales de Sugar y del
despliegue de Sugar.

Desafortunadamente la idea no trascendió, pués tras consultar con abogados
locales, se evidenció que tal vez Perú aún no contaba con legislación
suficiente para soportar el modelo cooperativo.

Considero que* vale la pena incluir el modelo cooperativo en las opciones
que están siendo delineadas* por la comunidad con respecto a la
incorporación de una nueva (e internacional) organización.

 "Las Cooperativas son un recordatorio para la comunidad internacional de
que es posible conseguir la viabilidad económica y la responsabilidad
social al mismo tiempo."
 - Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

 Saludo fraterno,

laura v.
I&D somosAZUCAR.Org

2012/5/23 Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at gmail.com>

> On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 1:07 AM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> > It has been 7 months since the "Bumblebee" brainstorming group had its
> > discussion in San Francisco. I'm not sure what we thought would work for
> us,
> My recommendation is to let each group do their own thing. It's their
> name, their reputation on the line.
> If the original SF Bumblebees run a successful deployment in X, an
> unrelated group in New Zealand has no business using the Bumblebee
> name (potentially asking for money or goods). They should use their
> own name -- build their own reputation.
> There are some specific cases where the _services_ of a non-profic org
> are extremely useful. Software for the Public Interest (SPI) comes to
> mind -- it helps administer money from various conferences and events
> related to FOSS projects.
> You'll note that Debian conference organizers ("debconf") make use of
> SPI's services, and that saves them a ton of time. Each year debconf
> happens in a different country, and is managed by a different group.
> Setting up a non-profit in a different country every year is madness.
> SPI's help is used every year by a different group.
> But SPI is not an umbrella of any kind, and nobody operates in their
> name (except the few people actually part of SPI). In a case I am
> familiar with, the "Debconf Helsinki" team used SPI's bank accounts
> and legal entity to handle receipt of donations, payment of bills,
> importation of gear into Europe, sponsorship of visa applications...
> These "service" non-profits are very useful (they require a lot of
> work too!). OTOH, I am extremely wary of any "umbrella name" or
> "umbrella organization", and I believe you should be too.
> I've sat through plenty of talks and presentations where people were
> asking for material help (money, equipment, services) based on the
> good work of someone else entirely. Makes my blood boil and, besides
> my personal ethics, it does not lead to good outcomes.
> cheers,
> m
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