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> Betreff: Computer Programming Tools in Schools with Etoys
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> Hello All,
> The current Computer Programming Tools in Schools Etoys collection is posted and announced on EtoysIllinois.org.
> http://etoysillinois.org/library?tags=Computer%20Programming%20Tools%20in%20Schools 
> The lesson materials are available as word documents and as PDFs.
> Two new CPTS Etoys projects are:
> Spy vs Spy  http://etoysillinois.org/library?sl=2026
> Copter VH-ZGA  http://etoysillinois.org/library?sl=2013
> New collections of student projects are:
> Haiku http://etoysillinois.org/library?tags=Haiku
> Broken Glass http://etoysillinois.org/library?tags=Broken%20Glass
> Please announce these opportunities on lists where you think there will be interest.
> Lenny Pitt, UIUC Director of Undergraduate Computer Science, received a Google grant to provide a three day CS4HS workshop and will use Etoys. This is the third year we have offered this workshop.
> http://etoysillinois.org/cs4hs/2012
> I added more dates for our All-the-Etoys-You-Can-Learn-in-One-Day-Workshop.
> http://illinois.edu/calendar/search/2067?KEYWORDS=All-You-Can-Etoys
> Regards,
> Kathleen
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