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Holt holt at laptop.org
Wed May 9 07:40:59 EDT 2012

On 5/9/2012 4:53 AM, Christophe Guéret wrote:
>     Plz keep the orig discussants involved on support-gang at laptop.org
>     <mailto:support-gang at laptop.org> too :)
> I'm not sure, do we want to move the discussion here and duplicate it 
> on both lists?

Yes, please DO keep the discussion active on both lists where possible, 

Reason: There are many, separate educators+contributors on both mailing 
lists (IAEP & support-gang) who really do wish to keep actively involved 
in this important discussion!

On 5/9/2012 5:05 AM, Christophe Guéret wrote:
> Hi Tracy,
>     We can help with that!
>     We have quite a substantial teacher training program which is
>     absolutely core to what we do. You can see our online course and
>     the types of tasks the teachers need to do to be prepared for
>     deployment here: http://laptop.moodle.com.au/
>     We have a comprehensive learner manual here:
>     http://laptop.moodle.com.au/manual/
>     And we are in the process of developing 'train the trainer'
>     materials which will be published online. If you contact me, I can
>     provide you with login credentials to see where we're up to in the
>     development of those training modules.
>     Please feel free to contact me if you need anything we have
>     developed or would like to discuss what we're doing here.
> Thanks for these pointers, very useful ! If you are also in the 
> process of making a "train the trainer" curriculum, we should probably 
> share our efforts.
> But we will have to discuss whether we target the same public though, 
> their could be some difference in the content depending on who will be 
> trained.
> Christophe

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