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Tue May 1 17:45:46 EDT 2012


It looks like we already can use these books on the XO.  The Read Activity
has support for the EPUB format which should be perfectly adequate for any
of these books.  The student can simply download the book from the Browse
Activity and open it with Read.

Google seems to be pushing its own book reading app and store, but really
all you need is the page with the links to EPUBs.

Actually, Read has the best EPUB support around.  I have donated several
books to Project Gutenberg and PG makes EPUBs by taking a web page and
putting EPUB files around it.  The problem with doing that is that you can
do things with a web page that will not render well on a Nook or Kindle.
You really need to hand craft an EPUB to make it work on these devices, and
PG isn't set up to let you do that.  However, the Read Activity can render
anything a web browser can do because it has the engine of a web browser
built in.

James Simmons

On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 4:02 PM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  ¡Hola! Si deseas una traducción, puedes usar Google o preguntame.
>  ¡Abrazos! Carolina
> Hi Folks!
> Lots of interesting new news from the CK-12 Foundation.  Although the
> foundation started as a source of FREE, open source "flex-books" (a book
> that can be customized by the user), written for California
> students/schools., They are offered now to anyone who wants to use them,
> worldwide.  At first they had only a few secondary school math (Algenra I)
> and science books, but now they are reaching both up and down to elementary
> school and high school.
> Check this email to learn more about the following, exciting new
> developments with volunteer opportunities, new titles, a *collaborative*flex-book writing project for biology students worldwide, and job
> opportunities for software developers:
> Check it out! Follow the links to get more info.
> Caryl
> P.S.  If someone has the time, it would be great to look at ways these
> flex-books can be used on the XO.  Maybe I can help later during the
> summer.
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> About CK-12<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq4xjAKAZGhoeDUPA8ZCsewhucZ1rNsQZLf9yUTOdmcBqkab-d0Gt1uV0GjsuLgQslK_Af-fPrbzbYEgE-O68sBOPW-WPMz6Xvds94xJgisQTzfpQPy7jaQmyN_pMHIdi4AragbcuHb1VW9mneweZhXgW8j51CVkr_q5z5xUG6dIletRzZkNJIM3MF5oIA4FeqfuRHJcd5VF00gHQEYswfKOeItWE86elSiS0xMaUCVmiw==>
>         *CK-12 Books now in Google Play *
> CK-12 foundation now has over 25 books available on Google Play!
> Accessing books through Google Play allows you to view the contents on
> several different devices as well as in web browsers.  As always, these
> CK-12 books are free.  Click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq4fCO7ZxOfKb9F8Ry30VcJPnyvPGoYlJMTTgXeKDX3SwAJ5AL7ScHh332K7TKsJ1rNSvP55C0BsV4pVbVRu87tMN0NDREeDwvFOA2vd0t2PDjZACs0uYaJu8BMHS-iSo3CvdYgU0O08FnJleOYkitIBzbpSiStrdBBNY4NL2jAe1JMCYomwK-3YPsSPRU8z-4m6zPzsu49KRvMA7-K4NVboHx9qjpex1ll2G1iAN0aFS5rzoPdk-Bs-khnqNk0jGG_E3qrIYhx4kXH-I-BoT2H4>to view all available CK-12 titles, or go to
> play.google.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq50V9m7jDtUtWz10dkxZ2NSgK9qaLB5ZyuiE-XFFphG-MLrLNQsZhdCuNmNTzcafpbSbstMKAwAi5JyNC6gN8SShSXdXjnsaXUrmLzg2_4n27PnCaENgeMucSCV0hEBDOLSTtQw1h44N7LquMGvcqKH4NBJj2dA3d_NlSnr1byzWnB6rkn-1ouhJMQ9mTfxcUJPQHZ3HAUYJthDyuz8UAlh0w3yl9EPaZstk7e0CTnT7w==>and search for "CK-12".
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>     *New this month!*
> *New titles now available for iPad, Kindle, NOOK and others!*  CK-12 is
> continuing to increase the number of titles available for the various
> devices that schools and students are using.  Click the appropriate link
> below to explore the latest and greatest available FlexBooks.
>    - Click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq71TQhE34X46oe-t-BaAmb87Z9S09eqTF3IBEwhzbJXI6K5UzyXAFhb3LCggPef027Eknj6TLIZ3fDTBZ1P-OD_8PJFX2Yzt4fj8vTNurIgh4xoLUKj_0OofRaHW3vyZ3gNEKdS969Sin94Kbq1hgk1Na_TCMp2lqDWyHenoy9DipxJEnQsX5kVkEDwu2noDxs2x7t44GTWGGO0fcqADMRsYdhIbeRLjrQD2RRqYfYPPLj-FBeeyip2JgYi2zkwv8s=>to download epub files that can be loaded onto iPads, NOOKs and Android
>    devices.
>    - Click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq4j6rUK9aeCeL3BgOKPiERxY6rqMQ3xyvyJ5mHKzPIiNPz9QrvpeZpMmgJR52GupMTkNxzGM8YMaoGytagEV92a1tg-KgXLBFVA1MYQkfLqKBBo7iyRM1KrJjunlmMVApEWxSwj3gFEiuspQEdUog5Q4eKxWMC70s2NRmycX6ANztCOrnT3jgMz-dX88GWqWmIvvy0T-s5Ft84aaVSjXOq_IVQwPIVHeyg6ucFqmttJ3kL2rMdNuzfkpRiJFNHSVmw=>to download files that can be loaded onto the Kindle.
>    - Click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq4fCO7ZxOfKb9F8Ry30VcJPnyvPGoYlJMTTgXeKDX3SwAJ5AL7ScHh332K7TKsJ1rNSvP55C0BsV4pVbVRu87tMN0NDREeDwvFOA2vd0t2PDjZACs0uYaJu8BMHS-iSo3CvdYgU0O08FnJleOYkitIBzbpSiStrdBBNY4NL2jAe1JMCYomwK-3YPsSPRU8z-4m6zPzsu49KRvMA7-K4NVboHx9qjpex1ll2G1iAN0aFS5rzoPdk-Bs-khnqNk0jGG_E3qrIYhx4kXH-I-BoT2H4>to access books in Google Play.
> *Coming Soon...*
> Titles coming soon to the CK-12 library:
>    - CK-12 Algebra II w/Trig (the first six chapters)
>    - CK-12 Math 6 Teacher's Edition including:
>       - Teaching Tips
>       - Common Errors
>       - Differentiated Instruction
>       - Enrichment and Problem Solving
>    - CK-12 Math 6 Teacher's Edition - Assessment and Assessment Answer
>    Key
>    - CK-12 Physical Science For Middle School
> *Points of Interest*
> *Calling all pilots...*CK-12 is looking for schools who are already
> conducting pilot studies with our materials.  If you are currently formally
> exploring CK-12 materials, please complete this survey<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq7Ns2EQetCanNs9qyPhihE71Ol9bo4yUDpF7pzgwVYyqVAedHM_cIaK6GfQRObgdfsG2yvpEpVn52KcSlr0PqKg4YDaO9YbikutQ8EgphtKfSrS8zDQFMp2XcJuxEePrFCcALRPYoWEupScqhwSyrRtWg3tefwsm6hF6ILdFbRSBRdCyY3leNpMVtMJU8bZDTsHCiZO9eLHOTHZOMV8d1KCSvWckkpCPCIfuFvIiTy61Mo9fBjBT-78kuyqA3bpkdk=>to tell us more about your experience.
> *CK-12 is seeking translations...*CK-12 is looking to expand its library
> with translations of its content.  If you have translated our books (in
> part or in whole), or adapted your own, please let us know.  We are
> especially interested in Spanish versions of our Biology textbook.  Email:
> support at ck12.org
> *Understanding Biodiversity - collaborative project...*CK-12 Foundation
> and Encyclopedia of Life<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq7XkkJww6grrNwtT9MglTkl_Dfa3DbMv9y5qEv2M4gGg8uZTeiK0DIZRSMi34lURsRcpb88jzdIyHgDFFr2SI1Kd6uKiG7Lrowc_6_-i4tq67eVdt5nHYe_0i7KZ0bT7nx8_r75r3bmZ-L7TK_MUma9GyF8gLD1vjULRHkumwQRmOAdlUeYgELfH8amxqoY-EPJqWBAtle11LZET5xpqcqG>are joining forces to produce
> *Understanding Biodiversity* - a FlexBook for secondary level students,
> created by secondary level students.  Understanding Biodiversity will
> consist of species pages describing organisms studied in the life
> sciences.  Secondary level biology students and classes around the world
> are invited to learn more about how to contribute by emailing
> info at ck12.org with "[SCIENCE] Understanding Biodiversity proposal" in the
> subject line.  For more general information about this project, visit the
> *Understanding Biodiversity FlexBook<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq4mx3kKJBd_yvDjUxMbgAeXVwHMrBog5nuIa3IMgXS7fn53mjBPONUBvixXJnTNuFe8-EPX8TpiNT7Q8t_Gez_7AyQhrPu9GjiOUiJTpJCL3FzPS-Wm1B09yuQpW9mFz-id_F_bTqW3mZij2UJVPNFyyLOSZkjlJNs1esnCV-AXKFxU58AIeMMYlz8uzVRVNabDDh3neSP3md06XW3Behs9p6AwUQxPKAu6cysz6zb4JN_vN1Cau3igXRlejtp_G3tWP8ndxp4uzH2tSnWI53KC1T1HMdDc2fOvjevdEZjNpg==>
> *.
> *CK-12 is Hiring!*
> CK-12 is seeking highly motivated individuals to become part of a team set
> to revolutionize K-12 global learning and textbook publishing.
> Through the use of a superior open-source environment, CK-12 aims to
> create a major paradigm shift from traditional textbook learning and
> publishing to collaborative online learning and customized textbook
> publishing designed to foster greater relevance and resonance among
> teachers, students, and communities.
> Visit our jobs page<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DFVK2GDjwq5JGUoW8g7fStAba4px3tdVABnRm7Ypuri_ofXBuOUQcij2PMRhdhe4p9JImEDbWX5KVS9zffjUJk8zTzqwaaw91c9JQL2ws_P0mvrECWxqKkWRs4eDSvZaHbMKWvtbmnMOj4sCPFBUY1LFh9_d0isReKNh6-en-VnV5aF3oaPD2onNtyw4ONpy7ybecplWpC82Wv7jIBkflSmJ6q6Z5elnSHW8lFJPO47GH0lEUL8KT7DR8U2sKZJapxOpaDHdjqs=>for a list of current openings.
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