[IAEP] Sugar as a Mac Ap?

Steven Thompson steven_sensei at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 11:28:37 EDT 2012

Hello Sugar Friends:
Iphone is a common denominator. Android too. Ipad next up and coming. These can be education tools like never before. This could make Sugar oriented learning-play more widely used. I want it for my four year old daughter, Juli.
Steven (in Japan)

Steven Thompson steven_sensei at yahoo.com

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>Thanks Raffael. Seems pretty useful after a quick look.
>How hard would it be to make an iPhone version too? We are trying to
>get the bar as low as possible. We have kids and schools with very
>limited resources who see the possibilities. An old iPhone with a
>cracked screen ($8 on eBay) can still connect to wifi at school and in
>the public libraries as well as download wonderful free standalone
>There are several easy to use tools to create custom webapps, too, so
>more educators can create and customize the learning experience.
>It isn't Sugar or XO but it does allow a large population of kids in
>the US to have most of the advantages of the OLPC vision.
>>As some kind of starting point I did a simple kids
>> webbrowser for iOS maybe you would like to have a look on it in iTunes
>> App Store it is called: "Kiosk Lite".
>> Regards,
>> Raffael
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