[IAEP] OLPC books on Create Space

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 15:24:04 EST 2012

I have just gone through putting a book on Create Space and found that
it is pretty easy.  You have to buy proof copies at cost plus shipping
(about $10 a book if you only need one proof) but other than that
there is no cost.

There are several advantages to Create Space over Lulu:

1).  Your book can get a free ISBN number.

2).  Your book is sold on Amazon automatically, as well as Create
Space.  You can pay to have it listed in a couple of other channels so
it can be sold in regular bookstores too.  I'm not going to bother
with that, though.  Lulu books are only sold on Lulu.com.  I don't
have any way of knowing how my book sells there, since I don't get the
royalties, but I'm sure it will sell much better on Amazon.

3).  Amazon will (eventually) link my printed book to my e-book, and
set up my printed book for Search Inside The Book.  They haven't done
it yet, but eventually they will.

The books I plan to do this for are:

Make Your Own Sugar Activities!
Como Hacer Una Actividad Sugar
E-Book Enlightenment

The cover for MYOSA will be based on a scan of the existing Lulu
cover, and I'll probably adapt that for the other covers as well.
I'll price the books at $1 (or so) above the minimum price Create
Space specifies, so they might be cheaper than the Lulu versions as
well as easier to find.  I do not plan to share profits because
frankly I don't expect there to be any.  My e-book career has made me
less than $20 in royalties, total.  "Como Hacer" has yet to sell a
single copy on Amazon, although it has been a popular download on
archive.org (455 downloads so far).

James Simmons

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