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Edition 8 of the OLPC Australia Education Newsletter is out.

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Dear Educators,

Please follow this link to access Edition 8 of the Education Newsletter

Previous editions can also be found here.

In this edition, we announce the details of the *Learning at hand *conference
held in Cairns on the 29th-30th April, 2012.

We also provide some simple ideas you can use to include the XOs in your
teaching program and a spotlight on our online *Learner Manual*.

Don’t forget to be a part of our Yammer <http://www.yammer.com/> network to
keep up with the talk around OLPC Australia.

As always we encourage you to share the newsletter with your colleagues. If
you’d like to offer some feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop
us an email at education at laptop.org.au.

Kind regards,

*The OLPC Team*

*One Laptop per Child Australia*

*P: + 61 2 9378 3437*

*F: +61 2 9475 4451*

*E: **education at laptop.org.au*

*A: G.P.O. Box 731*

*     Sydney, NSW 2001*

*W: **www.laptop.org.au <elisha at laptop.org.au>** *

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