[IAEP] [OLPC library] OLPC/Sugar Doc Sprint Apr 6-10 @ OLPC HQ in Boston

Tracy Richardson tracy at laptop.org.au
Wed Feb 8 18:37:26 EST 2012

Australia will make an effort to be there remotely. I'm likely running a
workshop at the beginning of April, so I may not be able to attend the
whole sprint. However, we'll contribute in any way we possibly can.
Hopefully by then we will have revised a fair amount of our own
documentation as we need it ready to release the new Australian build, so
we can certainly send that along. We may also have a bunch of lesson plans
that could be rewritten/ worked on for an international audience.

I'm not sure what activities are a priority internationally, but apart
from the core that is mentioned on the Wiki, our teachers use the
following activities a fair amount and might therefore benefit from
- Tuxpaint
- Memorize
- Labyrinth
- Jigsaw puzzle
- Cartoon Builder
- Stop watch
- Distance

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On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 12:55 AM, Holt <holt at laptop.org> wrote:
> Plz read all the wiki details & RSVP here if you will
> contribute+attend, as we will very shortly reach capacity:
>     http://j.mp/xomanual
> 20 People Expected in Person, from 4+ continents: Sameer Verma, Mike
> Lee, Walter Bender, Claudia Urrea, Richard Smith, Christoph
> Derndorfer, Reuben Caron, Mark Battley, Paul Fox, George Hunt, Chris
> Ball, Nancie Severs, CScott Ananian, Craig Perue, Saadia Baloch, Bill
> Stelzer, Bernie Innocenti, Dogi Unterhauser, Laura de Reynal, Adam
> Holt, etc -- even Sugar Labs' new finance officer Robert Fadel, and
Pablo Flores if we are lucky!

Awesome! I hope we do get lucky :-)

> BONUS PREGAME: Apr 2-6 video tutorials sprint proposed for our
> favorite Sugar activities, thanks to Bill Stelzer, Mark Battley, Laura
> de Reynal, Christoph Derndorfer and a growing list of talented

I would like to re-kindle the idea of screencasts. Here it is briefly:
The idea was to script a handful of basic show-and-tell in any activity
(start, work through the activity, highlight the various toolbar items,
and close with a Journal reflection). Record using a VM or recordmydesktop
directly in Sugar, then make the OGV available someplace. The OGV can be
split into audio and video, so we can redo the audio in different
languages and do localization. We start with a few (six maybe?) and let
others jump in.


> VIRTUAL ROMANCE AIN'T: Please talk to Caryl Bigenho <caryl at laptop.org>
> and our public list <library at lists.laptop.org> if you are motivated to
> write a particular chapter, but cannot attend in person, thanks!!
> A huge thanks to Master of Ceremonies Laura de Reynal who will be
> organizing nightly social events for all.  She'll be working with
> Chris Ball (though he doesn't know it yet!) to organize several actual
> soccer/frisbee/etc matches too, get you limbered up, DO bring your
> April windbreaker & sneakers, as I/she/we WILL be bouncing you out of
> the office on REGULAR occasions to fire up yr adrenaline =)
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