[IAEP] OLPC/Sugar Doc Sprint Apr 6-10 @ OLPC HQ in Boston

Holt holt at laptop.org
Wed Feb 8 03:55:48 EST 2012

/Plz read all the wiki details & RSVP here if you will 
contribute+attend, as we will very shortly reach capacity:/


*20 People Expected in Person, from 4+ continents:* Sameer Verma, Mike 
Lee, Walter Bender, Claudia Urrea, Richard Smith, Christoph Derndorfer, 
Reuben Caron, Mark Battley, Paul Fox, George Hunt, Chris Ball, Nancie 
Severs, CScott Ananian, Craig Perue, Saadia Baloch, Bill Stelzer, Bernie 
Innocenti, Dogi Unterhauser, Laura de Reynal, Adam Holt, etc -- even 
Sugar Labs' new finance officer Robert Fadel, and Pablo Flores if we are 
BONUS PREGAME:* Apr 2-6 video tutorials sprint proposed for our favorite 
Sugar activities, thanks to Bill Stelzer, Mark Battley, Laura de Reynal, 
Christoph Derndorfer and a growing list of talented mediamakers.

*VIRTUAL ROMANCE AIN'T:* Please talk to Caryl Bigenho <caryl at laptop.org> 
and our public list <library at lists.laptop.org> if you are motivated to 
write a particular chapter, but cannot attend in person, thanks!!

A huge thanks to Master of Ceremonies Laura de Reynal who will be 
organizing nightly social events for all.  She'll be working with Chris 
Ball (though he doesn't know it yet!) to organize several actual 
soccer/frisbee/etc matches too, get you limbered up, DO bring your April 
windbreaker & sneakers, as I/she/we WILL be bouncing you out of the 
office on REGULAR occasions to fire up yr adrenaline =)

Help kids everywhere map their world, at http://olpcMAP.net !

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