[IAEP] [Olpc-open] Healthcare - Potential Opportunity

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 00:09:02 EST 2012

> From: andrycaa at gmail.com
> To: olpc-open at lists.laptop.org
> Subject: [Olpc-open] Healthcare - Potential Opportunity
> Hello, I'm new to this venue but am looking to contribute and/or determine
> if I might have some material that would benefit the community.  I work for
> a healthcare company that specializes in vision and was wondering if there
> was any need for material on healthy vision or perhaps an interactive eye
> model to teach children about the different parts of the eye.  It could be
> anything in this realm really - the sky is the limit.
> My company is constantly looking for ways to give back and if there was some
> interest in this I'd look to build a more robust case and inquire more
> deeply into whether the company would be willing to put some resources
> behind this.
> Is there anyone on this distribution list that would be able to point me in
> the right direction?

I would suggest taking a look at the accumulated notes and links on these pages.




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