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Show source functions are greatly improved in later Sugars, there is a dropdown menu in the frame which can show (a) the encoding of the 'document' (b) the source of the Activity (c) Sugar source

What is its effect on users? Only a very small percentage of users will use this beyond inspecting a 'document' (eg web page code), but these few users may have a disproportionate effect on their nation's future, we don't really know.

Where time is critical, binaries are used by some Activities. Are you sure that making everything a binary would significantly increase speed, the Python encoded Activities call Fedora/Gnome functions which may take up most of the time?

The Activities that do use binaries are generally broken on XO-1.75 and XO-4 because they use an ARM processor


> what is the status of users developing Python stuff on XOs?
> is it totally given up and defunct, or someone is trying to keep that 
> alive?
> for example, the "source" hand button, right of the alt gr key?
> If it is defunct, can we use binaries finally to optimize and speed up 
> operation, instead of an interpreted language, notoriously less 
> efficient of the very limited resources?
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