[IAEP] Can Sugar run as a web-based OS?

marilyn at ourdyslexicchildren.org marilyn at ourdyslexicchildren.org
Tue Aug 21 21:50:18 EDT 2012



I am a lurker. I have just begun working as a consultant to
Rice University's stemscopes.com educational website to help them modify
it to accommodate dyslexic students. STEMscopes specializes in science

Can Sugar be web-based? 

I used Sugar as a teacher and
found it to be very interactive and adaptable to dyslexic students. It
would merge beautifully with STEMscopes' objectives. 

There is the
possibility that we could suggest that schools install Sugar to use with
their activities. However, as a long time teacher, I can tell you that
schools are unlikely to do that. It is too much work. It would be better
if it could be integrated into web-based lessons. 

What do you think?

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