[IAEP] Mac Folks... Need your help downloading: The Forbidden Education - New Argentinian movie about Education

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OK... trying to download to watch after our company leaves tomorrow. Using a MacBookPro. Would like to download the SD version with English subtitles and store it on my computer. It is currently streaming with subtitles via YouTube and is also loading from the educaciónprohibida website without subtitles (I thought I had asked for them, but maybe they are coming separately). What is the best way to do this?
Thanks,CarylP.S. Is there a way to do it in a faster download rather than in real time?

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Great movie..I think everyone should watch this. Shows the real problem in the system.


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      Very good film, the distribution is free and can be viewed online.

"Forbidden Education" aims to question the logic of modern schooling and how to understand education, making visible 
different educational experiences, unconventional posed the need for a new educational paradigm.


Trailer (3 min.), (English Subtitles):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPME2GHBe9s  [TURN ON SUBTITLES BY CLICKING YOUTUBE'S "CC" BUTTON]

Youtuve; the hole movie , English Subtitles:

You can download the entire Movie from the Homepage, and you can download the English Subtitles also.
The Licence is  "COPYLEFT"


I enjoyed the film. The film shows the global problem is the gap between the educational system and the modern society.

I think the delay is bigger than 100 years. I remember there was a movie that showed a guy tha was from the past, 
several hundred years ago, and too scared to see the modern world, they send him to a University, so the man wasmore 
comfortable because there were things identical at his time (chalk, blackboard, students facing the teacher ...)

Paolo Benini

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