[IAEP] Doc Sprint Update for 04/08/12 (for remote participants and anyone else interested!)

Caryl Bigenho caryl at laptop.org
Sun Apr 8 12:41:13 EDT 2012

Hi All,

The Doc Sprint has been progressing, both in Boston and remotely, so there are some chapters ready for review. You can find them at:


Be sure to see the code at the top to know which ones are ready for Review.  The images in a couple (TamTamMini and Browse) are being edited to conform with a standard we (finally) agreed on yesterday, so don't worry about them.  Be sure to put any comments you may have on the "talk" page (use the "discussion" tab at the top of the wiki page). You don't have to be logged in to do this. 

Look for typos and syntax errors (don't assume they are errors, though... put corrections in the talk/discussions page). The most important thing though is to try it on an XO. Does it make sense? Is it easy to understand? What needs clarification? If you have a child handy, get them involved! Teachers, too, are very desirable in the testing processl

You may also want to send your comments to the library list at:

library @ lists.laptop.org

If you haven't signed up there yet, you can do it here:


You may also enjoy monitoring the irc feed. You can sign in there with your own name, an alias, or it will give you one! Here is the link to that:


I'm sorry I dropped the ball on having a Skype call last night. Guess I was suffering from lack of sleep from working late on the doc sprint the night before!  Let's shoot for sometime on Monday. Meanwhile, if you want to try to get me on Skype, I may be around later this evening (PDT). If I see any of you on Skype tonight, I may try to connect then too.

A lot of the work so far has been done by collaborating using Skype with folks in Boston, DC, the Bay area and SoCal. Amazing! We got sooo much done that way!

Caryl (sweetxogrannie on Skype)
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