[IAEP] [Sur] Riots in La Paz: Bolivians don't want Classmates, no no no!

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On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 10:05 AM, Yamaplos . <yamaplos at gmail.com> wrote:

> Because they do not like the Intel Classmate computers the City
> Government of La Paz gave them, on Tuesday Sept 27 the La Paz union of
> parents of schoolchildren blockaded the main highway between La Paz
> and El Alto, with one woman injured due to the tires being burned.
>  "they are made in China and designed to last only one year", is said
> about these laptops in the linked article, with a  picture of one of
> the Classmate units.
> http://eldiario.net/noticias/2011/2011_09/nt110928/5_03nal.php
> (some of us don't like the Classmates, but to go out and riot because
> of that, I believe is a first)

Wow I think there are a lot of pressure by the union who see technology as
more extra work to teach teachers in the device, probably without extra pay.

> (of course things are a bit more complex, because it mostly has to do
> with who got "bought" by Wintel and who didn't get the sweet - no one
> in the debate, on either side, cares much about deeper issues of
> reliability, relevance, responsibility - I've met personally the
> people in the City Government, and can vouch of this, alas)

So this is just a wintel strategy like in Chile or will the classmates have
a Linux OS like in Venezuela, Paraguay, Peru and/or Argentina.

> (the mention of China as country of origin proves how much knowledge
> is owned - at my last meeting there what seemed to be the biggest
> argument against the XO by the BO Ministry of Education was that in

I am not sure what that means, anything against china? Do they know
everything else including Iphone, Macs, Dell, blackberry and every other
computer is made in china as well?

> Rwanda they are used as home lights by people who have no electricity
> at home - why that is an argument against, really  beats me)

I thought that was the argument for it, since there is no electricity that's
why the XO was a better unit since it was designed with that in mind.

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