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> I invite you to review and edit my contribution ...
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Inkyfingers/Getting_Started%280%29
> My starting point:
> 1. Target audience. Experimentally minded non technical
> individual/family with no previous linux experience. Viewable on any
> browser.
> 2. I am still uncertain about the <- Linked pages -> format I have used.
>    My objective was to improve orientation.
> 3. I well recognise that if adopted this contribution would increase
> duplication.
> Is there an existing road map for improving entry level material on the
> wiki?
> 4. How to improve intermediate level presentation?
>        a) the page could move on to intermediate level topics, such as
> listed
> below.
>        b) "Getting started" could be limited to Sugar_on_a_Stick?
> 5. How to deal with intermediate level and avoid duplication on the
> wiki.
>    For instance,
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Supported_systems
>    (a page I have so far excluded) starts ok ... is there a mechanism
> to archive and regenerate pages?

The wiki inherently maintains an archive visible on the 'View history' tab
of any page. Any historical version can be visited (or even linked to) by
following (or copying) the time-dated link. Any content from the past can
be copied (after clicking the edit tab) to new content or, if the
historical page is saved, that version becomes the current version.

When an historical page is edited, this warning appears, "*Warning: You are
editing an out-of-date revision of this page.* If you save it, any changes
made since this revision will be lost."
The later statement about losing changes only applies to the content of the
new page; all the changes are still available in the page history.

No one should worry about causing irrecoverable loss of content or format
through their efforts to improve the wiki.


> Example of intermediate level topics.
> Cannot boot from USB - detail of a CD bootimage and have USB rootfs, or
> run from CD, using a USB for storage.
> Link to Fedora hard drive install.
> Anaconda, liveinst to USB. Is this a superior method?
> Regards.
> Iain, aka inkyfingers
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