[IAEP] Contemplating Your SLOBS Vote

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Hello All,

To focus our thoughts on the intent of my original post I offer this simple statement:

"Having a Teacher on the Sugar Labs Oversight Board would be a Great Step
Forward for Sugar, this is only achievable by the community exercising the
power of their vote"

John Tierney

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Subject: Re: [IAEP] [Argentina]  Contemplating Your SLOBS Vote

I believe Sugar is doing serious damage to Plan Ceibal,  to the uruguayan teachers, children, and to us all.

This is the point. You are not trying to contribute to the project, because you think is a waste of time.
Of course, I think different. 

As Mr. Bender expressed in one of his presentations Sugar is software under construction.

Many people don't understood what Walter said here.

It's not about a half finished project, is about a project with open doors, extensible, and free.

You cannot ask teachers and children to start using their new computers by figuring out how to deal with this software under construction which,  being so closely related to the operating system,  happens to affect all uses of their laptops.

My suggestion was and still is that after some years of trying the free software / volunteers route,  with unacceptable results,  get paid professional developers to swiftly work on correcting a good percentage of the problems,  delivering working computers to the users.  Some of those developers might well be some of the same working today as volunteers.
Unacceptable results? Ok, go to use Windows Vista :)


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