[IAEP] [Argentina] Contemplating Your SLOBS Vote

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Fri Nov 18 13:22:16 EST 2011

> I believe Sugar is doing serious damage to Plan Ceibal,  to the uruguayan
> teachers, children, and to us all.
This is the point. You are not trying to contribute to the project, because
you think is a waste of time.
Of course, I think different.

> As Mr. Bender expressed in one of his presentations Sugar is software
> under construction.
Many people don't understood what Walter said here.
It's not about a half finished project, is about a project with open doors,
extensible, and free.

> You cannot ask teachers and children to start using their new computers by
> figuring out how to deal with this software under construction which,
>  being so closely related to the operating system,  happens to affect all
> uses of their laptops.
> My suggestion was and still is that after some years of trying the free
> software / volunteers route,  with unacceptable results,  get paid
> professional developers to swiftly work on correcting a good percentage of
> the problems,  delivering working computers to the users.  Some of those
> developers might well be some of the same working today as volunteers.

Unacceptable results? Ok, go to use Windows Vista :)

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