[IAEP] Contemplating Your SLOBS Vote

nanonano at mediagala.com nanonano at mediagala.com
Fri Nov 18 10:35:51 EST 2011

/>On 18/11/2011 12:39 p.m., Walter Bender wrote:
 >Feedback from children is also important :) Can Sugar developers also join this forum?/


Sugar developers or anyone else that want to talk about de Xo are welcome. The Forum 
<http://www.mediagala.com/rap/foro/viewforum.php?f=20> is mostly in Spanish.

For example: In that Forum you can find the children that discovered how to "hack" 
<http://www.mediagala.com/rap/foro/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=752> the Plan Ceibal's XO.

Paolo Benini
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