[IAEP] Your contribution to the Puno-Peru Sugar deployment

Sebastian Silva sebastian at somosazucar.org
Mon Nov 14 14:20:59 EST 2011

Hi Sugarcamp international team!
I wrote the following to bring you in context with our Sugar Camp and 
its objectives.
I felt it was worth to share with our international community as well.

You may find more information at the following URL
About Perú's Sugar Deployment*

You have been invited to concentrate with
us in Lima with a purpose.

Sugarcamp will be a collaborative work
marathon. We will work "shoulder to shoulder"
with a strategy to improve the computing experience
for the children of Peru.

A new operating system image will be constructed
during the event. The image will contain the latest
stable Sugar version as well as a selection of
content with the theme "Digital Citizenship".
We will ship translations to Quechua and Aymara
native languages (the ancient Incas tongues).

This operating system image will be distributed
and supported thru the Local Lab in Peru.
We'll achieve sustainability by formalizing*SLA's*
Service Level Agreements with local governments.
On the technical side we will be articulating our
work upstream as much as possible.
We share Sugar Labs organizational principles [1]
and mission.

Peru is Sugar's largest deployment. 550k laptops
are scattered all over the Andes mountains and the
Amazon rainforest (800k in 2012) [2]
Remoteness and lack of conectivity have proven support
with traditional centralized control practices impractical.
As a result the potential for social and educational
advancement that children's computing represents
is not being realized.

We will be preparing an image customized for the
children of Puno region, surrounding Lake Titicaca -
the largest fresh water reservoir in southamerica.
Sugar Users are the latest representatives of rapidly
dissapearing ancient cultures.
We have a vision to connect offline users, using USB
thumbdrives, and engage them in creative uses of
technology, like environment protection and resource

We have documented the technical challenges we face at
the target deployment scenario and will work on solutions.
These will be the challenges we will attempt to solve.
The URL is http://sugarcamp.somosazucar.org/hackerspace.html

Thanks for your effort!


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