[IAEP] REMINDER: Candidates list for 2011-2012 elections closes this Tuesday (Nov 15)

Luke Faraone luke at faraone.cc
Thu Nov 10 18:16:31 EST 2011

On 08/10/11 17:12, Luke Faraone wrote:
>  - 2011-11-15 23:59 EST: Candidate list closed.

We currently have 6 candidates for 3 board seats. The deadline for
announcing your candidacy is Tuesday, November 15; ballots will be sent
out the next day.

If you are on the fence about running, please decide one way or another
soon :) then follow the procedure below:

> == Candidacy ==
> If you or somebody you know should be on the ballot, make sure to
> publish an announcement of candidacy to IAEP, and put your name on the
> list[2] before the end of October.
> [2]: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board/2011-2012-candidates

Luke Faraone
Membership and Elections Committee
Sugar Labs

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