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Thu May 12 23:44:36 EDT 2011

On Thu, May 12, 2011 3:08 pm, Johanna Wener wrote:
> Hello Everybody!
> I'm studying at the University of teacher education in graz in austria to
> become a teacher for primary school.
> For my final thesis I'm working in a class with olpcs to find out which
> programmes can be used in the subjects of science.

I would like to offer my help. My degree is in Mathematics & Philosophy,
including philosophy and history of science, and courses in Physics,
Biology, and Chemistry. Ich kann auch etwas Deutsch.

> I worked with FotoToon, Labyrinth, InfoSlicer and many more.

Calculator, Measure, Record, the Python and Smalltalk programming
languages, SocialCalc, Physics, Turtle Blocks...I particularly like
Measure for acoustics. You can set it to frequency domain and show the
overtones of any note on any musical instrument. The fundamental discovery
of Pythagoras was that harmonious intervals on a plucked string
corresponded to ratios of small integers. The octave is a ratio of 2 to 1,
and the fifth (C to G, for example) is a ratio of 3 to 2 in length (and 2
to 3 in frequency).

See Alan Kay's use of turtle graphics in Smalltalk to make a simulation of
constant acceleration, Record to capture a video of a falling object, and
Smalltalk or Scratch to select frames from the video at fixed intervals.
The results of the simulation and the video show the same pattern. I
expanded this in Turtle Art (now Turtle Blocks) to show the effect of
adding constant sideways motion, which gives parabolas, and added photos
of parabolic water fountains.


> The big problem I have is, that everything that the children do on the
> olpc
> could not be used for learning because there is no way to print their
> works
> out.

This turns out not to be the case. While printing is useful for making
public exhibitions, it is not required for sharing anything that you can
save in the Journal. The Collaboration feature allows students to share a
session and save a copy to their own Journals.

> We tried to make a screenshot and send it by mail - doesnt work!

The Undiscoverable

Screen capture

An important use case for the Keep button. How do we store just the image,
without the software state? Some Activities, including Turtle Art, have a
button for this purpose.

        <Alt> + 1 captures the screen and stores a screenshot in the Journal.

        See this discussion thread for techniques useful for special
situations when a time-delayed capture may be needed,

> And we have no chance to print out anything we worked on!
> Can anybody help us?
> Nice greets
> Johanna Wener
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