[IAEP] Awesome day 0 for eduJAM.

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun May 1 07:20:07 EDT 2011

On 01.05.2011, at 07:22, David Farning wrote:

> Yesterday was have picture perfect start to eduJAM!
> The day was planned by the Ceibal-volunteer associations as part of their
> annual (sometime biannual) meeting. For lack of a better word, my Spanish is
> still rather fuzzy, I will use the term Ceibal-volunteer associations to
> describe Ceibal-Jam, Rap-Ceibal, and Flordeceibo.
> Many of us in Sugar Labs are familiar with Ceibal-Jam, the software-arm of
> the project, from the public work at http://ceibaljam.org/ . Particularly
> interesting is their work on Sugar activities at
> http://ceibaljam.org/drupal/?q=lista_proyectos .
> Rap-Ceibal is the volunteer support organization. There public work is at
> http://rapceibal.blogspot.com/ . They are doing really interesting work
> creating regional centers. Basic service and support happens in the schools,
> while more complicated or specialized service and support happen in the
> regional centers.  It is a great model.
> Thirdly, Flordeceibo, is the education arm that builds on the technical work
> of Ceibal-Jam, Rap-Ceibal, and other organization to enable a efficient and
> effective education for student in Uruguay. http://www.flordeceibo.edu.uy/
> The morning started with the groups giving status reports of current
> projects and roadmaps for next year. It was a great example of people
> saying, 'we see a problem and we are trying to fix it.'
> The afternoon was a series of videoconferences with distant schools. Groups
> from various school shared their experiences and concern. This was followed
> by an open discussion on how to meet their needs.
> Midafternoon we broke up and shared a meal, ( The proper translation for the
> dish was 'delicious heart attack on a plate' ) with others planning on
> attending the Tour of Uruguay.
> Overall two thumbs up to everyone involved. As special shout out to Antel, a
> Uruguayan telecommunications firm, for providing the facilities -- which
> included an video conferencing system that would make any hacker want to get
> in there and take in apart to figure out how it works :) The moderator,
> Latise (sp?) did an outstanding job of keeping the program running smoothly
> and on schedule. Which can be harder than it appeared when you have a room
> full of smart, curious, and passionate people.
> david

Second that. It was very refreshing to see all these different volunteer groups doing great stuff, even if my missing Spanish skills did not allow me to understand much ;)

Also, when we left the building, we were greeted by an awesome drum-and-dance performance:


- Bert -

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