[IAEP] Awesome day 0 for eduJAM.

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Sun May 1 06:22:15 EDT 2011

Yesterday was have picture perfect start to eduJAM!

The day was planned by the Ceibal-volunteer associations as part of their
annual (sometime biannual) meeting. For lack of a better word, my Spanish is
still rather fuzzy, I will use the term Ceibal-volunteer associations to
describe Ceibal-Jam, Rap-Ceibal, and Flordeceibo.

Many of us in Sugar Labs are familiar with Ceibal-Jam, the software-arm of
the project, from the public work at http://ceibaljam.org/ . Particularly
interesting is their work on Sugar activities at
http://ceibaljam.org/drupal/?q=lista_proyectos .

Rap-Ceibal is the volunteer support organization. There public work is at
http://rapceibal.blogspot.com/ . They are doing really interesting work
creating regional centers. Basic service and support happens in the schools,
while more complicated or specialized service and support happen in the
regional centers.  It is a great model.

Thirdly, Flordeceibo, is the education arm that builds on the technical work
of Ceibal-Jam, Rap-Ceibal, and other organization to enable a efficient and
effective education for student in Uruguay. http://www.flordeceibo.edu.uy/

The morning started with the groups giving status reports of current
projects and roadmaps for next year. It was a great example of people
saying, 'we see a problem and we are trying to fix it.'

The afternoon was a series of videoconferences with distant schools. Groups
from various school shared their experiences and concern. This was followed
by an open discussion on how to meet their needs.

Midafternoon we broke up and shared a meal, ( The proper translation for the
dish was 'delicious heart attack on a plate' ) with others planning on
attending the Tour of Uruguay.

Overall two thumbs up to everyone involved. As special shout out to Antel, a
Uruguayan telecommunications firm, for providing the facilities -- which
included an video conferencing system that would make any hacker want to get
in there and take in apart to figure out how it works :) The moderator,
Latise (sp?) did an outstanding job of keeping the program running smoothly
and on schedule. Which can be harder than it appeared when you have a room
full of smart, curious, and passionate people.


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