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Sorry about the typo - the correct day is today, March 30th, 9:30pm Eastern
US time.

Maria Droujkova

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On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 5:15 PM, Maria Droujkova <droujkova at gmail.com>wrote:

> Join Joel Duffin and Justin Ball, creators of the OER Glue platform<http://www.oerglue.com/>,
> in discussing the latest in open course design architecture.
> *How to join*
>    - Follow this link at the time of the event: *
>    http://tinyurl.com/math20event<https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?password=M.FCAF787B38E30D58F943EB7232EE27>
>    *
>    - Wednesday, May 30th 2011 we will meet in the LearnCentral online room
>    at 6:30pm Pacific, 9:30pm Eastern time. WorldClock for your time zone.<http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?month=3&day=30&year=2011&hour=21&min=30&sec=0&p1=207>
>    - Click "OK" and "Accept" several times as your browser installs the
>    software. When you see Elluminate Session Log-In, enter your name and click
>    the "Login" button
>    - If this is your first time, come a few minutes earlier to check out
>    the technology. The room opens half an hour before the event.
> All events in the Math 2.0 weekly series:
> http://mathfuture.wikispaces.com/events
> About OER Glue
> [image: external image chalkboard.jpg]
> OER Glue is a *uniquely open approach* to online learning that lets
> content be used where it already resides rather than requiring it to be
> copied into a new system. OER Glue can be used to *efficiently assemble
> courses* and teach online by “glueing together” open education resources
> (OERs) and integrating with popular online services including Google
> Documents, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and discussion and assessment tools.
> OER Glue’s web browser add-on approach allows it to wrap context and
> navigation tools around online content and to *integrate content and
> services from multiple sources in a coherent manner*. In order to ensure
> that resources remain available, OER Glue integrates with services such as
> internet archive. The following scenarios describe the experience of using
> OER Glue:
> Student Use of OER Glue <http://blog.oerglue.com/student-use-of-oer-glue/>| Teacher
> Use of OER Glue <http://blog.oerglue.com/teacher-use-of-oer-glue/>
> Key aspects of OER Glue are:
>    - *Student engagement* – OER Glue increases student engagement and
>    satisfaction by supporting online instruction that utilizes timely,
>    authentic content and popular Web 2.0 tools.
>    - *Instructional effectiveness* – OER Glue supports effective
>    instruction by helping teachers find and develop learning activities and
>    assessments that are aligned with their instructional goals.
>    - *Teacher efficiency* – OER Glue helps teachers efficiently assemble,
>    deliver, and update online courses.
>    - *OER* – OER Glue helps authors easily find and adapt relevant high
>    quality free online resources for their courses.
>    - *Glue* – People are frustrated with the poor user experience of
>    existing systems that require you to copy your content into them, but
>    enthusiastic about the new Web 2.0 tools that continue to emerge. OER Glue
>    lets you use content where it already is and to easily integrate third party
>    tools in a coherent manner to teach online.
> Event Hosts
> [image: Joel_Duffin.jpg][image: justinball.jpg]*Joel Duffin*, CEO of OER
> Glue, is a entrepreneur and software developer with a love for designing
> software and understanding how people learn. Joel enjoys scheming about how
> to design and leverage software systems and online content to encourage
> youth to engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Joel
> blogs <http://www.joelduffin.com/> about technology and STEM education.
>  *Justin Ball*, CTO of OER Glue, is an entrepreneur with several
> successful startups and one major failure under his belt. He became involved
> in the OER space under the direction of David Wiley at OSLO and then COSL
> and participated in the construction of the various projects generated
> there. He used to write C++ and .Net then moved to python and finally found
> Ruby. In the rare moments when he isn't writing code, talking about code or
> measuring his code productivity in profanity per hour, you can find him on
> his bike in the mountains or on the roads surrounding Cache Valley. Justin
> can be found pontificating at http://www.justinball.com
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