[IAEP] Unity desktop in Ubuntu (was Re: [Sugar-devel] Is Apple's New OS X Copying Sugar???)

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Fri Jun 17 21:44:47 EDT 2011

On Fri, June 17, 2011 6:51 pm, Caryl Bigenho wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Maybe what seem to be problems with Sugar aren't so bad after all.  In
> fact, it looks like Apple is using some of our stuff!

So is Ubuntu's new default desktop, Unity. Instead of a menu of
applications, it has a display of icons for frequently-used apps,
installed apps, and installable apps, with an option to select a subset
such as Office, Accessories, System and so on, and a search box for typing
any part of the app name or description.

But these ideas are in the air. The search field in our journal or in
Unity is very much like the Firefox Awesome Bar for searching by URL or
title among Web pages that you have visited.

Unity also has a bar on the left for active apps and some other icons,
which relates to the Apple dock and also to the Sugar frame. Like the
frame, it slides out when you put the mouse pointer into the corner or
along the edge, according to a preference setting. One of the icons allows
you to search for a document by icon or with the search box, rather like
the Journal except that it also searches for folders.

> The most striking is the new "Air Drop" feature which is, essentially, our
> mesh network!  It uses wi-fi and even has a view that I swear is is a copy
> of our Neighborhood View!
> Also, while you are all worrying about reducing the number of saves to the
> Journal, Apple's has made it's new "Lion" version of OS X have an autosave
> feature that constantly saves multiple versions of your projects.  Of
> course, a lot of software already has this feature, but now it seems to
> apply to everything you might be running on the Apple.
> I found all this by watching Apple's video of their presentation at the
> WWDC last week.  It's a long video (about 2 hours). Unless you are an
> Apple aficionado, I wouldn't recommend it.
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