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>> Hi all,
>> I just saw this article over on O'Reilly Radar and a lot of what the
>> author says also applies to the Journal: "Why files need to die: Files are
>> an anachronism in the digital age. It's time for something better." (
>> http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/07/why-files-need-to-die.html).
>> So while it's still early days I definitely feel that the Journal is
>> generally moving into the right direction, especially with all the new
>> features and whatnot discussed during the eduJAM! summit:-)
> I am not purely convinced on eliminating the files paradigm, maybe the
> folders would be a different conversation. But files are well... pretty
> obiquos. Since you seem very interesting in having this paradigm of a
> journal. I wonder if you got inspired out of Zeitgeist project in gnome (I
> think they rename it now to something more normal like gnome-journal or
> something).

Not sure that there's necessarily a direct connection between Sugar's
Journal and Gnome's Zeitgeist but if there were then I'd probably argue that
it went from Sugar to Gnome rather than the other way 'round;-)

> I would like to hear your validation of the journal and why is it a good
> idea, and how deep will this change goes beyond the UI and apps to a
> commandline environment.

See the aforementioned article, it really contains most of the reasons why I
personally think that something like the Journal is a good idea. It seems to
be that a stream-like interface combined with a database based backend is a
good combination for today's computing context.

On an even a broader scale back in Uruguay in early May Bert Freudenberg
pointed out that mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS and now
increasingly even desktop operating systems (e.g. OS X Lion) are moving into
a direction where you're not really interacting with files anymore.


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