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Here is Laurie's reply to your questions...

Oak Hill is about 50 miles from Orlando and Daytona. There are
universities in both.
There are Spanish speaking teachers and volunteers in the community

I know there is lots of information in Spanish and independent of
Burns School's immediate need, I would like to facilitate collecting
that information and getting it translated into English in the wiki.

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Hi Valerie,
If you can give me a little bit more info I can probably point you in
the direction of some useful resources.
How many students are we talking about? About 300 total. Approx 2 classes
each K-8.
How many minutes per week are devoted to music? Likely two 30 minute
sessions per week we hope. At least one.
How is it delivered... i.e.  how many days a week will they have music?  1
or 2.
Is there any budget at all? Yes, but more like 1-2,000 after we buy the
digital piano and other necessary's.
What city are you in? Oak Hill, Fl - south of New Smyrna, Volusia County.
What is your nearest large city or university?  Titusville, NASA, UCF?  ...
What are the ethnic backgrounds of the students? Very diverse, mostly black
and white some hispanic
Is the school a part of a school district? Independent public charter in
Volusia county
If so, which one?
Is the music teacher fluent enough in Spanish to read resources about
using TamTam  and listen to Video demos of lessons using TamTam?  Doubt that
. . . but he is extremely talented and academic - doctoral student at UCF .
. . ARMY Choir director, Middle school/high school teacher, exceptionally
I have family visiting this week so it may take a time to get it all
together, but I will see if I can come up with a variety of options
for you and your music teacher. Hopefully we can include Tam Tam.

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