[IAEP] Please review E-Book Enlightenment

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Sat Jul 2 20:08:15 EDT 2011

Hi James,
The book is great. You know, it was a inspiration to work in Read, GetBooks
and Pathagar.
I will do only a few comments:

Chapter "Sugar Activities For Finding E-Books"

When you say:

Use the *Terminal Activity* and become the root user.  In the directory
where your Activity is installed, generally named *
~/Activities/GetBooks.activity*,  you'll find a file named *get-books.cfg*.
As root, make a copy of this file in the */etc* directory.  Anything you put
in this file will override what was in the original *get-books.cfg* file.
(If you do not have root access, you could also modify the original file in
*~/Activities*, but modifying the copy in */etc* makes it easy to undo your
work and go back to the default, and when you install a new version of *Get
Books* your configuration changes will not be lost).

I think would be good add anything like: "If you can't become root, you can
modify the file get-books.cfg in the *~/Activities/GetBooks.activity directory
anyway." I think this is important because there are deployments where the
users can't be root by security reasons.

Chapter "The Read Activity"
When you say:
The dropdown control is for PDFs that have a table of contents that lets you
skip to a chapter.  Very few PDFs have this, and PDFs from Feedbooks for
example do not have them.*

I must say the dropdown controls is actually for EPUB files, the Read
activity actually do not support display the table of contents of PDF files.

I agree with you, we can do the Sugar a great place for readers and writers.


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