[IAEP] Please review E-Book Enlightenment

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 11:05:14 EDT 2011

I think I have the book "E-Book Enlightenment" in a pretty good place
to think about publishing it on the Internet Archive and on the Kindle
Store.  I don't plan to put the book on Lulu, however the PDF for the
Internet Archive will be formatted in Lulu compatible Crown Quarto
format, just like our other FLOSS Manuals, and Anne Gentle came up
with a nice cover design for it last year, so it should be possible to
make printed books.  Other than making sure that the PDF is well
formatted for the purpose I'm not pushing the idea.

I'm not asking anyone to read the whole thing, but there are probably
chapters you will have a special interest in and I'd like feedback on
those.  I've just revised the instructions in "A Booki Of Your Own"
where I identify several issues and explain how to get around them.  I
am especially interested in feedback on that chapter!

I describe the experience I had with the translation of "Make Your Own
Sugar Activities!" in the other chapter on Booki.  If you participated
in this effort you may have seen things differently than I did, and
I'd like to hear about that.

If you haven't check out this book before, it's about E-Books: reading
them, finding them, making them, getting them published or
distributed, copyright laws, etc.  I seriously considered calling it
"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About E-Books* (But Were Afraid
To Ask)" but nobody under the age of fifty would get the reference.
In the course of researching the book I did everything described in
it.  I made every kind of e-book.  I donated e-books to Project
Gutenberg, PG Canada, and the Internet Archive.  I wrote some of the
software described in the book.  I made my own book scanner.  I
installed personal copies of Booki and the Pathagar Book Server.  I
also read a lot of e-books.  As a result of this research I think that
the XO, Sugar and free e-books have enormous potential to change the
way we teach reading and writing, language, history, and many other
subjects.  It is my hope that this book helps teachers and students
learn what is possible.

James Simmons

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