[IAEP] Tools for the community meeting

Pablo Flores pflores2 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 11:13:50 EST 2011

Last Wednesday we had an IRC meeting for analyzing which tools would be
useful to build for the community. Meeting log is in
http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting/meetings/2011-01-26T21:06:33. Here
are my highlights:

Centralized Authentication (CAS)

   - The current multitude of accounts for services at Sugar Labs (and
   related organisations) is considered an obstacle to participation. We should
   work on a seamless / automatic log-in system, though the priority of this is
   not yet clear
   - Sascha is already working on CAS for sugarlabs.org sites, so it's an
   ongoing project (he'll write up an overview of how his imagined "seamless
   login" system is going to work, so others are able to join the effort if
   they like to)

Metadata, data aggregation and search tools:

   - The holly grial would be to have a centralized aggregator where one
   could see at a glance what's happening around in the community. Even better
   if all information was correctly tagged. However, it's not easy to implement
   the idea.
   - This would be useful for all kind of users (developers, educators,
   ...). For instance JT4sugar suggests for information around Teaching is
   to have information separated into Age/Grade level.

Other ideas suggested:

   - Making a portal for sharing info
   - autotranslation of some of the mailing lists, like sur->sur-en and
   iaep->iaep-es (we already have a web-to-IRC gateway and IRC translation,
   both courtesy of alsroot)
   - share/maintain list of known blogs, so bloggers can screen and promote
   what they find interesting

Next meeting: We're continuing the discussion next Wednesday at the same
time (9PM UTC, 4PM EST) in #sugar-meeting. I'd like to focus on the idea of
making a portal for sharing info. Which info should it have? Should it
aggregate info and/or receive users contributions? How can it be easy to
contribute there? How can we keep info organized?

All feedback is welcome!

Pablo Flores
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