[IAEP] Tools for the community (#sugar-meeting, Wednesday 4PM Boston time)

Pablo Flores pflores2 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 13:14:20 EST 2011

Hi all!

As some of you know, I started working in AC (www.activitycentral.com) as
Community Architect. Last weeks I've been looking at a lot of information,
discussing ideas with team members and friends (Walter, Adam, Bernie,
dfarning, alsroot...) and trying to find out what a community architect
should do :) I still don't know the answer, but there are some ideas worth
to be discussed openly.

One of my first concerns is promoting the community growth, so newcomers
become very important: How to make it easier for them to learn what's going
on in the community and find the right places to participate?
The other big concern is having better community members intercommunication.

For all of this, there are some tools and standards that could be helpful.

Please join us on Wednesday at 4PM EST in #sugar-meeting to discuss some of
this issues:
1. Centralized Authentication Service?
2. Metadata (taxonomy, hashtags, ...)
3. Users tracker (throughout different platflorms)
4. Aggregating information (feeds, archives, logs, tweets, ...)
5. Search tools

Pablo Flores
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