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> I do not know if anyone did read the actual scientific paper in the journal
> "Cognition" that initiated this discussion (needs subscription) but it
> basically provides quantitative  evidence that:
> a) preschoolers, if they are formally taught  only one function, also
> assume this as _evidence_  that other functions are missing(!) and
> b) that the "instructions" can be direct (to them) or indirect (to other
> kids) but are _ignored_ if they are towards adults ( a very interesting
> point, I think).

I would like to note that there is very strong evidence that these types of
behaviors depend on the culture and the family. For example, in families
that practice attachment parenting (and these kids are unlikely to attend a
preschool) children are much more adult-oriented. Nurturing cultures and
"warrior cultures" (those that isolate babies from parents, for example)
produce different effects in child-adult relationships. A kid who's attended
a Reggio Emilia preschool for a while will have very different behaviors
from a kid who's attended a Japanese test-prep preschool.

Maria Droujkova

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